A modelling paradigm for field-agent based modelling, hands-on workshop with open source software

Karssenberg1, D., Schmitz1, O., Verstegen2, J.A., de Jong1, K.

1Utrecht University, the Netherlands, 2University of Münster, Germany

Correspondence: d.karssenberg@uu.nl

We are organising this online workshop at the iEMSs Conference 2020, https://iemss2020.com

Platform: ZOOM

The heterogeneous nature of environmental systems poses a challenge on researchers constructing environmental models. Many simulation models need to incorporate phenomena that are represented as spatially and temporally continuous fields as well as phenomena that are modelled as spatially and temporally bounded agents. Examples include mobile animals (agents) interacting with vegetation (fields) or water reservoirs (agents) as components of hydrological catchments (fields). We share ideas on the design and implementation of a new data model1,2 and modelling system for development of such field-agent based models. In addition, we present a short hands-on workshop with the software.


  1. de Bakker, M. P., de Jong, K., Schmitz, O. & Karssenberg, D. Design and demonstration of a data model to integrate agent-based and field-based modelling. Environ. Model. Softw. 89, 172–189 (2017).

  2. de Jong, K. & Karssenberg, D. A physical data model for spatio-temporal objects. Environ. Model. Softw. 122, 104553 (2019).

Tentative schedule

Important note: for the hands-on workshop you need to install software and it is advised to do this before the workshop. We will distribute installation instructions in advance.

Workshop duration: 2 hours

  • Introduction to workshop (5 minutes)

  • Presentation and discussion on concepts and software for field-agent based modelling (workshop organizers) (30 minutes)

  • Hands-on workshop (workshop participants)

  • Discussion (all)

  • Wrap-up and next steps